Unlike some components, filters provide no visual or audible cue when they are underperforming, but the effects add up over time, causing harmful engine wear.

Don’t wait thousands of miles to find out that a basic filter has failed to protect your engine.

The vast majority of automotive vehicles today are operated under “severe” driving conditions (around-city driving and polluted environment) that warrant shorter service intervals as defined by the vehicle manufacturer. And we are not unaware of how polluted our Kathamndu city gets and how damaged our road infrastructures are.

HD Motors’ experts can check and replace the filters in no time ensuring your vehicle’s top running condition while on the road. You could bring your vehicle to our physical location at Ring Road, Kalanki opposite Sita Petrol Pump and right next to Rajesh Hardware by the Roapway line. Or you could give us a call at one of these numbers 01 5234431 / 9808343103 for the pickup and dropoff service. There are three filters that need to keep track of regularly.

ENGINE AIR FILTER  keeps dust, debris, pollen, and even bugs from entering the car’s engine assembly which keeps it clean and running as efficiently as possible. It is a good idea to have this filter checked each time your car has any maintenance work done, such as at each oil change.

OIL FILTER removes impurities and debris from the oil that lubricates the engine. And it is absolutely important to keep the oil clean for the long life and the smooth operation of the car. According to car manufacturers, it should be replaced every other time you have your oil changed.

CABIN AIR FILTER cleans the air coming in through the car’s heating and cooling system, removing dust, pollen, and other debris from the air. Its replacement schedule can be found in the car owner’s manual.

You will receive full satisfaction in an affordable price!