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Auto Wash

HD Motors’ staff are committed to providing an excellent cleaning service to all our clients. Your car or bike is put through various processes to make sure that nothing is missed. Attendants will prewash the vehicle which includes a wide range of cleaning procedures, including performing an extensive high-pressure prewash to brush off the excessive specks of dust and mud cakes and using brushes to scrub down hard to reach areas.

The washing process starts with the application of super foaming shampoo on the vehicle. Presoaking helps to loosen dirt on the car. In many cases, wheel rims and lower parts of the vehicle accumulate heavily concentrated stubborn dirt. These parts are cleaned by sill brush scrubbing and high-pressure blasters. The material on a sill brush has alternating lengths that allow wheel surfaces of various depths to be cleaned. Our trained staff maintains a constant distance from the vehicle to provide more consistent results while applying shampoo and spraying water.

Approved premium microfiber soft clothes are used to scrub the vehicle body surfaces ensuring excellent and scratch-free cleaning. Car washing mitt gloves are used to lather up and to activate the chemicals in shampoo to loosen up the dirt particles on the surfaces. Manual car washing is considered to be a gentle cleaning system as compared to automatic washing.

After thoroughly scrubbing the vehicle surface, it is rinsed with the high power-wash hose with fresh water to clean off the grime dirt. We apply great care in this cleaning phase to confirm that the vehicle is sparklingly clean. Forced air is applied to remove water droplets from the surfaces and to assist in air drying before moving the vehicle to drying and further cleaning zone.

Dryers use clean and fresh microfiber towels to dry the exterior surface and clean interiors of the vehicle. Drying is as important as washing because the water droplets on the exterior surface will attract dirt particles and leaves behind dirty water spots ruining the cleaning efforts. We apply wax to the applicable interior areas for the shiny and squeaky clean look. The clinging water droplets on the window and glass surfaces are removed with squeegees before drying them up with cloths. Tire shiners are applied to give it a new look.

We have mainly two different packages in our vehicle cleaning and they are Exterior Cleaning only and Exterior and Interior Cleaning. Our Exterior Only package for 4-wheelers also provides three different service categories, namely, Quick Wash, Half Wash, and Full Wash. Prices are varied with respect to the size of the vehicles. And for 2-wheelers, we have Regular, With Wax, and Diesel Wash categories.

Exterior and Interior package for 4-wheelers have three varied price categories depending on the vehicle size. These packages consist of mechanically washing the exterior surface by hand and dry the car manually, and clean the windows, wipe the front and side dashes, and vacuum the carpet and upholstery of the car interior. Our full-service car wash package consists of detailing services, which include polishing and waxing the car’s exterior by hand and machine, shampooing, and steaming interiors to provide thorough cleaning and protection to the car.

Exterior Car Wash

Kathmandu City is plagued with dust pollution and with rain, its mud. In order to save the vehicle’s exterior and metal parts, it is advisable to keep them clean. Bring your vehicle to our garage, we will assist you to ensure the long life of your beloved possession.

Interior Car Cleaning

There is a saying that your car interiors are the reflection of your personality. It’s not easy to keep it clean and well managed all the time when we are trying to create a balance between our hectic work schedule and social life. So give us an opportunity to be your companion to boost your image!

Bike Wash

As much as you love and enjoy riding your bike, keeping it clean should not be the less of your priority! Clean bike definitely gives an impression of how you manage the things you like in your life. We have three different packages to suit your preferences.

We love & care

We understand how valuable your vehicle is to you and how you would like it to be taken care of when you handed it to us – with trust. Our aim is to build a long lasting relationship with you. Soon as you walk in through our gate, we aspire to form a bond that last a lifetime. We value your prized possession and apply the highest degree of care to see a wide smile in your face.

Shine your car like never before at HD Motors!