We offer a wide variety of repair services from an oil change to engine repairs and replacement. Our professionals will perform diagnostic tests, fluid flush and fills, engine replacement, oil changes, and total vehicle overhauls. In today’s fast-paced environment of tight and busy schedules, we deliver the quick and efficient service possible to put you back on the road for you to carry on with your business. We care about you and your car and we pledge to stand by your side to make sure you have a safer drive on the hectic roads of Kathmandu Valley!


The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is part of your car’s Onboard Diagnostics System. It indicates a malfunction that can be either a loose gas cap or a seriously misfiring engine. It usually bears the legend engine, checks engineservice engine soonmaintenance required, or a pictogram of an engine.

If the sign is steady, it could mean a minor fault and if it’s flashing then, it could be a severe fault in the vehicle system. When it is lit, the engine control unit stores a fault code related to the malfunction. This code is retrieved through the use of an OBD tool to find out the problem. Once it is diagnosed, our experienced mechanic will fix the problem to your satisfaction.


The ELECTRICAL SYSTEM in your car consists of three components – battery, starter, and alternator. The battery provides juice to the starter. Then, the alternator gives that battery the energy it needs to power the engine. Your car won’t start or run in the event of the failure of one of these parts.

The experienced technicians at HD Motors can perform a check to ensure everything is working properly and pinpoints any problems that occurred or may occur with your vehicle’s electrical system. If it is showing signs of trouble, bring your car to HD Motors without a delay as it may be a huge headache later. Our main concern is to left stranded with a non-starting vehicle in the middle of the road or in the middle of nowhere.


The motor oil keeps the engine lubricated, which prevents the metal parts of the engines from being rusted or corrosion from constant friction. Old motor oil loses its ability to keep the engine well lubricated, and that’s the reason why an oil change is done regularly. The regularity of your oil changes does depend on the type of oil and filter used.

The oil filter cleans the motor oil as it runs through the engine. It is replaced during an oil change because its effectiveness wears out after certain use. Once the filter can no longer clean the oil, there is a higher possibility that the car engine loses the very protection it is receiving. It is advisable to keep the oil and its filter on the top-most condition to prevent costly repairs.



At HD Motors, we are fully aware of the difficulty to find a good garage where you can receive reliable & affordable service along with professional expertise to repair your vehicles. We are always keen to prove to our customers that we are reliable, trustworthy and the best in town through our diligence!

  • We handle all makes and models
  • We are endorsed by the local trading standards office
  • All our mechanics and technicians are highly experienced
  • We make sure that the problem in your car is fixed to your satisfaction

HD Motors is the right location in Kathmandu, Nepal – for outstanding service for your prized possession. We offer a complete solution to all your auto-related needs whether it is advice, repair, or service work you seek.

Our experts are fully capable to deal with the latest automotive technology in vehicles of all makes and models. Your vehicle will be treated as our own and we take full responsibility and pride in what we do! We would like to assure you that your car is in the right hands when you bring it to our workshop for repair and maintenance.

  • We handle all makes and models and specialize in more than 40 car brands
  • We are endorsed by the local trading standards office
  • All our mechanics and technicians are equipped with the latest portable technology
  • All our work has a minimum 12-month guarantee all services

At HD Motors garage in Kathmandu, we have implemented all the required technologies to provide proper care for every type of vehicle. We are aware of the fact that with the right technology, the diagnostic job gets accurate, and hence the problem would be fixed efficiently and accurately. Diagnostics are more reliant on software and less on hardware nowadays, which warrants for upgrading the skills of our mechanics constantly.

We keep ourselves updated with the modern technological advancement so that we could serve you better every time you visit us!

  • Our technicians are trained to operate with specialized and sophisticated equipment of today’s technology that your vehicles are equipped with.
  • We have invested in diagnostic technology to provide accurate services effectively and efficiently.
  • With today’s technology, we have been able to serve our clients better and faster.
  • Our whole operation is highly client-centric, meaning, both us will be on the same page throughout and after the period of service being provided.

HD Motors is fully committed to providing you the topmost value for the price you are being charged. We will ensure that our service will always exceed your expectations. We are in a relationship-building business! Once you walk into our garage, you will observe that we genuinely care about our work and we take pride in providing the best car service in the entire Kathmandu Valley.

  • Our expertise will always benefit our clients.
  • You will receive top-level workmanship and best service advice for a long life of your vehicle.
  • After service support will be provided upon required without any hassle.
  • We are always at your service!



HD Motors’ experts can check and replace the filters in no time. It ensurese your vehicle’s top running condition while on the road. You could bring your vehicle to our physical location. We are situated at Ring Road, Kalanki opposite Sita Petrol Pump and right next to Rajesh Hardware by the Roapway line. Or you could give us a call at one of these numbers 01 5234431 / 9808343103 for the pickup and dropoff service.


We are here to assist you in case your vehicle has trouble starting or there is any corrosion on your battery terminals. The starter, ignition, and charging systems are included in the vehicle battery system.  We should pay close attention to the change in weather as it directly affects the battery. Please visit our workshop for automotive battery checks and replacements. You will get an affordable professional service.


Professionals at HD Motors can happily check and exchange brake fluid for you. The timeline to change depends on car type, driving conditions, and manufacturer’s recommendations. A good rule of thumb is to check it during regular oil changes. It is advised to fully flush the fluid at the interval of every 48,000 km. It’s very important to keep the braking system on a check. It can seriously suffer if they are not taken care of on time.


Stability and control of the vehicle depend on the steering and suspension system working in unison. The steering helps to change the vehicle’s direction and the suspension to stabilize with every irregular surface and pothole in the road. If your vehicle has difficulty steering or if your drive seems too shaky and rough, our experts will gladly inspect to provide you with a quote.


Our technicians will provide you with the estimates and the completion date for fixing dents and/ or restoring the paints. We are well-equipped with adequate tools and expertise to perform a full restorative job. Dents and paintworks could have resulted from aging, weathering, or accidents on a vehicle. Our technicians are expert craftsmen when it comes to fix dents and paint the vehicle to their original manufacturer’s color.


We can tune-up your vehicle to ensure it continues to perform well. This preventive maintenance could be scheduled once a year. Getting a car tune-up regularly will maintain the car’s performance and extend its life. It typically includes the replacement of several important wear-and-tear parts. Failure to replace these parts can result in decreased performance and other serious problems.